Anonymous: @asian casting: it's sad, but there are arguments among asian americans, and some would prefer whitewashing and yellowfacing a role than using the interchangeable-asian casting. I personally think we can't afford that. But the problem isn't us; it's goddamn hollywood and not making roles for Asians, not making the effort to hire the right Asian; and forcing us to fight over scraps.

I hadn’t heard of this attitude, you’re right it does sound sad. and it’s really upsetting either way, honestly; personally I think the impact of whitewashing or yellowfacing a role would be worse than the damage done by picking an ‘exchangeable’ race (I don’t like calling it such but for the purposes of this discussion…). there are enough roles for white people for them to start claiming poc roles; what a dilemma, though, to prefer it over other poc…

sigh, your last sentence p much sums it up.

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